3kW Solar Panel Pricing Brisbane

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3kw Solar Panel Price Brisbane

Looking for a 3kW solar system in Brisbane? He’re some interesting statistics that may help you reconsider the size. In 2009,  90% of our solar panel installations were 1.5kW. By 2012, the average size system we installed was already around 4kW, with the majority of systems being 5kW of solar panels. Fast forward to 2019, and I’ve just done the calculations: the average size residential solar panel system we have installed this year has been 8.1kW of solar. We have installed 913 residential solar systems in the last 12 months, only 5 of those have been less than 5kW. So a 3kW solar panel system is no longer the size system to get. Why, you might ask? I’ve got four reasons.

  1. The solar “rebate” or more correctly, the STC’s are worth more than the cost of an average panel. And your STC’s are based on the size of the system you have installed. So if you get more panels, the stc’s will pay for them. All you need to do is pay a little bit more for installtion costs, a bit more for solar rail, and a bit more for a 5kW solar inverter. So if you want bang for buck, customers go for at least a 6.6kW solar system.
  2. A 3kW solar system will produce a maximum of about 2.5kW of power on a summers lunch time. That’s enough to cover a kettle running, but not much more. However in the morning it won’t produce enough power to cover a basic load. In winter it may struggle to reach 2kW, and on overcast days it will also struggle to help reduce your power bill. A 6.6kW system is more suitably sized for the average home.
  3. Any excess solar power you produce will be sent back to the grid. Currently you can get 15 cents a kWh for a solar feed in Tarriff. This feed in can offset the power you use at night. But a 3kW solar panel system will have very little  excess power to sell back to the grid.
  4. Solar systems are getting larger. When I started installing solar panels in 2009, the biggest panel we installed was 160W. In 2009, the smallest solar panel MC Electrical installs is a 330w Qcell solar panel. The largest residential panel we install is a 400W Sunpower Max 3 panel.  So it is easy to get 6.6kW of solar on just about any roof in South East Qld. All we need is the roof to fit 16 solar panels on your roof.

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3kw Solar Panel Price Brisbane

solar panel installersHi! I’m Mark Cavanagh, owner and manager of MC Electrical. I’m an Electrician, an accredited solar designer and installer and a solar power blogger.

I’m passionate about the solar industry. For the past 11 years I’ve been testing solar panels and solar inverters and finding more robust methods of installing solar. Part of this work has opened opportunities for me and some of my staff to travel to Israel, Germany, Austria, China, Korea, Mexico and the USA. Here we visit Solar Factories and meet with solar industry leaders, to check out products we recommend … and products we no longer recommend. I share my findings in “Mark’s Blog” for consumers and for the industry.

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