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Solar Panel Installers BrisbaneHi. I’m Mark Cavanagh, owner and manager of MC Electrical. If you are looking for a local company to install a solar power system in Brookfield, look no further. Brookfield at times can be a tricky place to install solar. There’s a small downside to living surrounded by beautiful bushlands, shade. But there is a solution to shaded solar panels, it’s collective name is MLPE or Module Level Power Electronics. The “Module” is the solar panel. The “Power Electronics” is the gear that you put behind every panel to make them work independently of the other panels that might be in shade.

I’ve tested and written extensively on solar panels in the shade, having gone to the headquarters of all three dominant MLPE manufacturers. My SolarEdge review points out all the flaws with the Israeli designed products. After meeting with their founders in Israel, (and after installing 130 systems ourselves) I wrote a review that lead to a year of legal threats from SolarEdge. Read my SolarEdge Saga here.

I’ve also reviewed Enphase microinverters and Tigo optimisers at length, and met with the founder/CEO of both MLPE companies in Silicone Valley.

So if your Brookfield home happens to have any shade, I can guarantee you, We Know Solar.

I’ve got a special connection with Brookfield. I spent four years living out at Gold Creek Road Brookfield at what used to be called QBCM studying theology. Brookfield is a perfect place to study the mysteries of life. I would often get up early in the morning and walk for hours through the streets or through the bush tracks just pondering the universe.

I always thought I would buy property out at Brookfield, and was just beaten to it recently by my mate Mike. Fair to say that my kids and I are jealous of his massive backyard with rope swings and BMX tracks. Mike is in the process of building a shed on his Brookfield property, and yes, we’ll be installing a solar panel system for him.

If you’d like to join the solar power campaign and you appreciate a high quality solar panel system install, look no further than MC Electrical. Contact us today for a free solar quote to start saving on your energy bills.

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