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Fronius 27KW Eco Inverter

84 Q Cell – 425W Solar Panels


* Prices subject to site inspection by one of our trained staff

Combining 35kW of high performance 425W Q-cell commercial solar panels and a 27kW Fronius Eco Inverter, makes this one of our most popular solar panel packages for small commercial installations.

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2 x Fronius 15KW Symo Inverters

90 Q Cell – 425W Solar Panels


* Prices subject to site inspection by one of our trained staff

Matching 38.25kW of high performance 425W Q-cell commercial solar panels to 2 x 15kW Fronius Symo Inverters is the biggest commercial solar panel system we can install, before electrical engineering becomes a requirement.

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4 X Fronius 25KW Eco Inverters

235 Q Cell – 425W Solar Panels

Pricing Unavailable

* Prices subject to site inspection by one of our trained staff

The mixture of 99.875kW of 425W Q-cell commercial solar panels and 4x 25kW Fronius Eco Inverters, makes this one mega commercial solar panel packages. Due to the size of this system, Electrical Engineering will be required. This can vary drastically from site to site, which is why we can advertise an approximate price for this sized commercial solar panel system

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Everyone knows Fronius is the best solar inverter …

Discover why we are one of only TEN “Fronius Solution Partners Plus” in Australia – and how that benefits you!

Fronius Solution Partners Plus

Q & A’S

How does commercial solar work?

Think of a commercial solar panel system as your Brisbane business’s in-house coal fire power station – minus the pollution.

Because electricity always takes the path of least resistance, when your solar panels are generating power, your business will use the energy from your power station first. This means you won’t pay to use coal-fired electricity.

If you need more power, your system will automatically buy electricity from the grid. If you have excess solar power, you solar will automatically sell it back to the grid.

Do you really save money with commercial solar panels?

Commercial solar is often a better investment than residential solar because businesses use most of their power during the day. Instead of selling power back to the grid for around 15c/kWh, you will use the power you generate and save around 22c/kWh. Because of this, the return on investment for a commercial solar system is usually even faster than a standard residential installation. The payback period for a simple commercial solar system can be less than three years.

How much do commercial solar panels cost in Brisbane?

In Brisbane, Commercial solar system costs around $1 per watt fully installed. A 30kW system will cost around $30 000, and a 100kW system will cost about $100 000.

Obviously, this is a ballpark figure. Simple jobs can come in significantly cheaper and complicated installations could blow out. Factors that affect the price include:

  • The height of the roof. (Warehouse or highrise?)
  • The simplicity of solar panel layout.
  • Access to the roof. (Do we need an elevated work platform or a crane?)
  • Age of switchboard. (Does it need upgrading?)
  • Location of the inverter.
  • Length of the cable run.
  • Obstacles or shading on the roof.
  • Is the size of the job in the “sweet spot”? “Read more about the commercial solar sweet spot.”

How long does it take to install commercial solar panels?

A simple Brisbane commercial solar system will take around one day per 10kW to install.

  • A 30kW system will take around three days.
  • A 100kW system could take as long as two weeks.

Generally, this will cause minimal interruption to your business. We can arrange power outages outside of business hours.

What are the main disadvantages of solar energy?

There are pros and cons to solar energy. The main disadvantage of solar is that it does not produce power at night.  A simple solution to this is to install batteries to store excess solar power. However, as of 2019, using solar batteries in Brisbane commercial situations is not economically viable. Daytime production is usually less of a disadvantage in commercial premises because most businesses use the majority of their electricity during the day.

Another disadvantage of solar energy is the proliferation of dodgy solar. The solar industry – as we know it – has only been around since about 2009. As with any industry that booms in a short time, cowboys come to town to make a quick buck. Strict solar industry regulations have made some progress in subduing “crap solar”. However, the solar industry is still a “buyer beware” market. You’ll want to avoid your solar investment prematurely ending up in landfill.

Can I run an air-conditioner with solar power?

Yes. Solar works perfectly to offset commercial air conditioners. Solar works best in the middle of the day and on hot Brisbane summer days. Hot summer days are also the times that commercial air-conditioners work the hardest.

How many solar panels do I need for 1000 kWh per month?

A standard size panel is about 330w, so you need about three panels to make up a kilowatt (kW). In Brisbane, a kilowatt of north-facing solar panels will produce about 4.2kWh of solar power per day (averaged over the year). Using this information, we can work out that:

  • Three (330w) solar panels will produce about 4.2kWh x 30 days = 126kW a month
  • 24 (330w) solar panels will produce about 8 x 4.2kWh = 1000kWh a month.

So to generate 1000kWh of solar per month in Brisbane, you’ll need 24 x 330W panels or a 7.9kW system. A 7.9kW solar system is about the average size solar system we install for an average Brisbane home.

Can solar panels eliminate my electricity bill?

Yes, it’s possible to eliminate an electricity bill with solar. However, to eliminate your power bill entirely, you will need to produce significantly more solar power during sunlight hours than you consume over 24 hours. This is because:

  • It costs more to buy 1kWh of electricity at night than you will get paid to sell 1kWh of solar during the day.
  • You will also need to offset fees and charges on your power bill (eg: daily metering charges).

Are there any government rebates for commercial solar

Yes. While it’s technically not called a rebate, you can receive two financial incentives to install solar on a commercial building.

  1. In Qld, solar systems under 39kW are usually eligible for a feed-in-tariff. A feed-in-tariff is the amount your energy retailer will pay and credit towards your energy bill for the excess solar power you feed back to the grid. The rate they pay will vary but it is usually a bit less than the price you pay for electricity.
  2. Systems under 100kW are eligible to receive a “point of sale discount” called “STC’s” or “small-scale technology certificates”.
  • In 2020 this equates to roughly $500 per kW
  • A 30kW system will attract a $15 000 incentive – or point of sale discount.
  • A 100 kW system will attract a $50 000 incentive – or point of sale discount.

This value of STC’s varies daily, so the figures above are only a rough guide.

We, like most Brisbane commercial solar companies, quote solar with the STC’s already discounted off the price. So a 30kW solar system will cost around $45000, but we will quote and charge you about $30 000.



When it comes to commercial solar inverters, reliability is of paramount importance.

Fronius monitoring (ie:SolarWeb) allows you to remotely check that your commercial solar panel system is operating normally.
In the unlikely event that there is an issue, both the customer and the installer will receive an email with information about what is causing the problem. With automated monitoring systems like this in place, we can make sure your commercial solar panel system is operational again as quickly as possible.

With-out monitoring, you’d likely not notice an issue until your next power bill came in which by then could be thousands of dollars in loss.


When it comes to commercial solar panels, Q-Cells are a great option. Their latest commercial panels are an impressive 395W with a 25 year performance warranty.

They’re an extremely high quality panel which is important when you’re installing for commercial purposes. A large part of the install cost is in the labour. If you were to go for an inferior panel which needed replacing after just a handful of years, you would need to pay for that labour again.

Not only are Q-Cell solar panels of great quality, they also come at an extremely competitive price. Commercial solar panel installs usually means a large number of solar panels to be installed. Therefore, the price of the solar panel will make a big difference to the bottom line.

Everyone knows Fronius is the best solar inverter …

Discover why we are one of only TEN “Fronius Solution Partners Plus” in Australia – and how that benefits you!

Fronius Solution Partners Plus


In 2018, Pimpama City Car and Dog Wash approached us to help them make the switch to Solar and start saving big on their energy bill. We utilised all the available roof space with the 115 Solar Panels installed and then matched it to a Fronius 27KW Eco Solar Inverter.

Click the icon, if you’re interested in making the switch to solar, on your business’s power bill.


Commercial Solar Panel Systems Brisbane

Read the commercial solar sweet spot blog.

When you’re looking for a quote for a commercial solar panel system, you’re making a significant investment into the future running costs of your business. You could spend months researching solar yourself, or you could go to a short list of solar companies you can trust with a large scale commercial solar project.

The Clean Energy Council’s Code of Conduct has done the heavy lifting for you, vetting and approving only 40 companies in Australia as Approved Solar Retailers.

The Code was launched by former Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, in 2013.  It’s the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Being an Approved Solar Retailer we guarantee not only a quality installation but expert advice & experience in large scale commercial solar project management.



Fill out our free online quote form or give us a call and speak with a Solar Power specialist. Get a custom designed free solar quote with no-obligation or hard sell.


Our solar experts will explain all your solar power options and will customize a green energy solution that’s right for you. We don’t use sub-contractors and offer customers a 10 Year workmanship warranty!


We will design a custom solar power solution just for you! Our team will do all the paperwork for solar rebates, incentives and complete grid connection on your behalf. We are local & trusted with a reputation for quality.


Enjoy your new complete Solar Power system and start saving money on your energy bills. With MC Electrical getting solar panels couldn’t be any easier. We will be around to service any warranty issues or system upgrades!


193 Reviews
Very professional team that understands the personal touch when dealing with clients. Terrific communications. Great workmanship for the installers. If you are thinking about solar think no further than MC more
Fred Cairns
Fred Cairns
23:43 24 Apr 20
What can I say but fantastic from start to finish. Speaking to people who know solar rather than just trying to sell solar makes a big difference. Had several quotes before a mate recommended MC electrical and all were about the same but MC actually took time to listen before suggesting what we might need rather than just telling me what I needed. After sales have been brilliant each person I’ve spoken to has been able to help with even my daft questions. Highly recommendread more
Tim Harries
Tim Harries
06:28 13 Mar 20
Can not recommend MC Electrical highly enough, they are absolutely first class in everything they do!From the highly knowledgeable sales person (Trent) who quoted on the system, to the exceptionally polite and professional installation team (David) and the wonderful post installation/after sales service (Cristy) who followed up to make sure we were happy with everything and there were no issues. These guys aren’t just about getting you to sign up they about providing service throughout. Our internet was down which meant that out Inverter was offline in terms of keeping track of our input/output (there was no issue with the system) and Cristy followed up to make sure there wasn’t an issue. Can not thank the MC Electrical team enough and would 100% recommend them!read more
Stephanie McPherson
Stephanie McPherson
04:18 05 Mar 20
MC Electrical was great to work with. At every step (sales, order, installation, after sales support) their employees were professional, friendly and communicative. All the people we dealt with went out of their way to ensure that we bought the system that would provide most benefit to us. Their systems may not be the cheapest, but taking into account the service we got and the quality of the products, it was money well spend. Mark's blog is honest and informative. You won't go wrong by following his more
Manda Meiring
Manda Meiring
00:47 29 Feb 20
System is far outperforming my expectations. Clearly identified my needs and advised on a really optimal solution. Salesperson, installation team and Mark excellent to deal with. Went over and above assisting me with extra electrical work I requested for an electric car charger at a fraction of the cost other installers had quoted. Would recommend to more
Nathan Sullivan
Nathan Sullivan
04:39 21 Jan 20
The installation of our solar system was only bested by the professionalism of the staff from MC Electrical. From the initial consultation all the way through to the final connection of our solar system, MC Electrical were incredibly responsive and informative with all aspects of our system. I could not recommend them highly enough. If you're looking for a company who is professional, timely and informed by the latest industry standards, MC Electrical is the more
Scott Baker
Scott Baker
01:16 16 Dec 19
From start to finish of this process, MC Electrical has listened to my ideas, and provided information and advise around the best and most cost effective solution for my townhouse. The installation had some extra challenges, which were overcome efficiently and safely. I highly recommend MC Electrical for all your solar installation, upgrade and maintenance more
Alex Hassett
Alex Hassett
09:12 15 Dec 19
I've had a very positive experience with MC Solar & Electrical. The sales team were very thorough, reviewing my energy bills and house to design the perfect system. The installation was seamless and the installers were super considerate of keeping noise levels to a minimum when my noise-sensitive son was home during the morning. The after-sales service was also amazing, checking in with me immediately after the install to make sure I was happy with the service. All in all I would highly recommend MC Solar & Electrical. They truly are a premium installer and you absolutely get what you pay more
Tim Dougall
Tim Dougall
10:30 09 Dec 19
WOW! Couldn't believe how great they are to deal with. Ben did a great job with a couple of options for me and explained it all very well. Communication and emails were excellent and I was kept well informed. Was recommended by a family member and I have since recommended them to a few people who are actually get there's installed soon ! They look great too !!read more
Vanda Silman
Vanda Silman
04:38 04 Dec 19
The team are great! They have been very informative and prompt from the get go.They are there when they say they will be. The after install updates have kept me up to date with step by step instructions. Would highly more
Kay-T Halse
Kay-T Halse
22:33 19 Nov 19
We are very pleased with our new solar system. The team were a pleasure to have on site, and were willing to go any extra mile. We appreciated the good advice MCElectrical gave us, and their helpful manner throughout each process. We would thoroughly recommend this company - their work ethics are above more
Janet Skerman
Janet Skerman
23:14 15 Nov 19
Highly recommend this company. A big thank you to Ben for his planning and design layout, to the installers, Craig, Dane and their team. Your professionalism and friendly manner within your team made this an enjoyable and positive experience. Thank you one and more
Kerin Kelly
Kerin Kelly
02:37 13 Nov 19
Straight up, no nonsense. Nicole was bloody awesome and not pushy. basically, if you want them buy them, if not move on... Waited, got a few quotes and went back to MC Solar. 4 yrs now. 21 trouble free panels. 5.5kw of free electricity!read more
Jeremy Knight
Jeremy Knight
13:14 21 Oct 19
I did a lot of reviews and got a few quotes for systems. Throughout the sales processes, MC Electrical was honest and realistic about the system I needed and offered me clear insight into their thinking and my household circumstances. I ended up going with them for the following reasons:Mark's Blog -  he really understands solar and offers honest advice, Their longevity  in the marketplace - They only do solar and have done it for a long timeTheir warranty - they cover what they sell wellStaff - Everyone I spoke too and eventually worked with has truly being amazing to work with and all seem to love their company.The install too was faultless with a full team of around 6 working effectively to place the panels in the morning. I also required a meter box upgrade and they looked after everything to the highest of standards.I've had the system installed for 8 months now and could not be happier. MC Electrical have a great after sales team who even dealt with my questions mainly around understand and using the software and meter reading so I could better understand how to get the most from the system. Very patience and knowledge.I've just got my second quarter bill from my system and it's gone for $860 same time last year to $27read more
Paul Judge
Paul Judge
06:13 09 Oct 19
Excellent service and communication. We found the big difference between MC Electrical was that, unlike most solar providers who would try to dictate what you need without considering your circumstances, MC Electrical will listen to your needs and offer a system that will align to those needs. Another major plus is the aftermarket service. MC Electrical are available to ensure your system is running smoothly and answer any pay sales questions you may have. We speed around apt and found these guys are the best and we couldn't more highly recommend more
Pat Moran
Pat Moran
22:52 03 Oct 19
Has been an excellent experience from quoting to completion. I highly recommend this solar installer.
Steve M
Steve M
01:09 02 Oct 19
Very happy with MC electrical. Sales was very professional, suppling lots of info and options to help find the right solution for a difficult roof at a competitive price. The installers had pride in their work and it showed in their attitude and work ethic. Coming from the service / installation industry I have high expectations in regards to quality and service, I was impressed with the install and highly recommend this more
Tayla Jackson
Tayla Jackson
09:34 27 Sep 19
After getting numerous quotes amongst the haze of Solar options I settled on MC Electrical. From the start MC Electrical have been down to earth, honest, professional and so far, their after install service and support has been excellent. No upsell, clear in what I needed and willing to listen. Not the cheapest but definitely good value for money. I would recommend having a chat with the team for your Solar more
Greg Price
Greg Price
23:27 29 Aug 19
From the consultation to installation and after service, MC Solar & Electrical has been professional and without any hassles at all. I am very happy with the whole team every step of the way. Excellent communication and follow up. They are very thorough and explained everything clearly to me and even showed some examples poor workmanship ( we spotted our neighbor had one example they explained!)You might find a lower quote with another retail/installers, but I highly recommend the peace of mind that comes with premium quality products and services with them because solar is a long term investment and over the course of 10-20+ years it is just not worth the uncertainty and hassle to save a few dollars. Arrange a meeting with them and you'll see first hand!read more
Barney Chen
Barney Chen
22:00 29 Aug 19
Fantastic, This team were only ones to actually come out and provide an extensive free written quote. They explained everything, booked us in arrived on time, cleaned up after themselves and didn't break any tiles on the roof during install and offerred post installation support. Very friendly service that ran like a well oiled machine with no issues wahtsoever. This is the way dealing with businesses should be. Very highly recomended. Thanks to the more
Russell Sky
Russell Sky
21:07 11 Jul 19
From the initial contact, MC Electrical were professional and supportive. They provided information and guidance on a system that would meet our Solar objectives and budget. They were not pushy or making assumptions that they knew better what we needed.They listened to our requirements and objectives and worked with us to install a high quality solution. They also coordinated installation of the panel railings with a roof restoration, well before the panels were ready for installation. This helped to ensure the integrity of our roof paint membrane and reduced potential damage to tiles. The follow-up service to keep us informed of every step, and coordinating with our electricity provider has been great. I highly recommend MC Electrical for their service, knowledge and more
Lowie & Mark Forwood
Lowie & Mark Forwood
22:50 24 Apr 19
high quality products, incredible customer service and support. They came to our house to inspect the site and have a chat to understand our energy needs to make a tailor made quote. Their presentation was extremely detailed and we felt confident in their support from day one. One month after installation and the support is still there in helping choosing the provider with the best deal on the market. Worth every cent. Thank you Mc Electrical!read more
gavino beddu
gavino beddu
08:58 03 Apr 19
Terrific service. Not the cheapest but by far the most proficient and complete and professional service of the companies I engaged. Trent particularly managed the process well and I am very pleased with the performance of my system 1 year on. Finally a company that does value and practice after sales engagement and more
Shannon Hobbs
Shannon Hobbs
20:27 19 Mar 19
Recently had solar installed by these guys. After alot of research I decided on MC Electrical. Not the cheapest but I had most confidence in them from the start. Smooth process from sales through install and after sales support. Their install staff were exceptional working in very hot conditions and just getting on with it. Cannot recommend highly enough. In a market where there are plenty of cowboys they have more
Owen Davies
Owen Davies
10:12 01 Mar 19
Very happy with MC Electrical. They provided a quality system at a really good price. Loved the amount of information that have on their website and the obvious passion and knowledge displayed by the owner and staff. There is a lot of information on the internet about solar and it is very difficult for a consumer to interpret what is there and apply that to what they need. Jaime from MC Electrical spent a lot of time with us to help match us with the right combination of products to come up with a system that we could afford and that would meet our needs. I feel confident that we will have a great system, that will last us for many years, that will significantly reduce our energy costs and that will be backed up by great support. Thanks Jaime and MC more
Alessandra Liussi
Alessandra Liussi
06:46 13 Feb 19

What Our Commercial Solar Clients Think of MC Electrical

  • From the start, we found this company to be very professional. Whilst on the roof, at our request, they even used silicone to seal a leak & they also replaced two broken tiles. They are extremely helpful with any questions we have. Highly recommend!

    Paul Brisbane
  • What a pleasant experience! All the staff and Mark were helpful and informative, they all seem to share a joy of working for MC solar and solar installations. The website has to be mentioned it is helpful and easy to understand and also makes it easy to pick the system that suits your needs. The system has been up for a couple of weeks now and their after sales service has been great. Very happy customer and glad I chose them!

    Brian Enogerra
  • From start to finish, M C Solar and Electrical provided exemplary high quality customer service for the installation of our solar electricity system. They were the first to respond and arrange for an onsite quote and their staff are all very professional, trustworthy, proficient and responsive to all our queries and requests. Everything they promised was delivered and has exceeded our expectations so far.

    Karen Brisbane
  • The staff from MC Electrical were very good. The sales person was informative, experienced and helpful with a very good knowledge of the systems and equipment. The office people were friendly and helpful as well. The installers were efficient, friendly and respectful. The installation went ahead very quickly and without any hitches and as per the plan. We were up and running after about 7 hours. 

    Matt Narangba
  • These folks were fantastic. From sales to install I can not fault them. They were helpful, friendly and professional. You just don’t get this level of service, quality of product and excellent work enough these days. I couldn’t be happier and won’t hesitate to recommend them to others. Five Stars.

    Mark Bray Park
  • MC Electrical were very professional, helpful and explained all facets of materials, warranties etc. No aggressive or hard selling techniques they look at the best options for your needs and give you all the time you need to make a decision. The installation team were very skilled and friendly. They knew what they were doing and got on with it, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to install solar panels.

    Linda Redbank Plains
  • Our experience with MC Electrical has been first class all the way through our journey from initial phone contact, to quotes, product knowledge, installation connection and after sales service. Their prices are competitive and product quality excellent.

    Peter Yeronga
  • The team from MC Electrical deserve a big congratulations and thank you for providing first rates sales, installation and service support. Everything was clearly explained, all appointments were kept and the communication all through the process was exceptional. I have dealt with MANY tradesmen and companies over the years and this was amongst the very best overall experiences I have had. Great job by Mark's team. Thanks!

    Glen Burpengary

CEC Approved Retailer

With almost 40 companies approved nationwide, we’re bound by our standards to ensure quality install and service you can trust. Read about the CEC Guidelines

10YR Workmanship Warranty

As the business is owned by an Electrician who is passionate about solar, we focus on quality, performance, and durability. We confidently stand by our entire system with our 10 year workmanship warranty.

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We’re locals helping locals. Based in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, we’ve been servicing the greater Brisbane area for 10 years. We’re a family owned Electrical business focusing on quality Solar PV installations.

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