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Storm CloudsIt was just earlier this week that I told a customer that in over six years in the solar industry, I have never seen a panel break with hail damage. With the storms in Brisbane last night – I have a feeling that’s about to change. So, how do you know if your panels are damaged?

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  • The first place to check is your inverter. Inverters have in-built smarts that can let you know when there is a ground fault- or earth fault. If there is a ground fault light on, call an electrician who specializes in solar. If there is not a ground fault, I would be fairly confident your panels are OK. But keep your eye on the inverter over the next few weeks to make sure it is working normally. If you’re not sure what to look for, give us a call and we’ll talk you through it on the phone.
  • Don’t climb on your roof! When panels smash, they smash like a windscreen – it should be easily visible from a distance. If you really feel the need to climb on your roof to see your panels,take precautions. If your solar panels are smashed, there may be leakage voltage that could give you enough of a shock to throw you off the roof. Precaution could include using a insulated ladder, gloves, long sleeve clothing and shoes. Or even better, check them at night so there is no voltage on the panels. Be sure to use a fall restraint harnesses in case you slip! In most cases you’re best just to call in a solar experienced sparkie.
  • Have smashed panels replaced. They should be covered under insurance, but if not, it’s not all bad! You can claim renewable energy credits on panels that need to be replaced. Even if you are not insured- replacing panels shouldn’t cost you too much. Give us a call for a quote on replacing your smashed panels with a tier 1 panel


It has been many months since that “hail storm Brisbane 2014” smashed through Brisbane.  So what was the hailstorm damage to solar panels?
We picked up a significant contract with an insurance company and removed and reinstalled thousands of solar panels Brisbane. So how did they fare? Now we are not talking panels we installed – we’re not talking tier 1 panels. We are talking a wide range of panels from nasty cheap to top quality expensive.

Much to my surprise all of the hail solar panels faired well! Although Roofers replaced many a roof – we replaced not a single panel! We removed the panels, the roofers replaced the roof, and we replaced the panels. Not a single solar panel damage from hail! Now this does not really promote my tier 1 argument so much, but it does answer the often googled “solar panel durability hail” concern. You are welcome 🙂

Mark Cavanagh

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2 Comments on Hail Storm Solar Panels

Mark C said : administrator Report 2 years ago

Hi Ted, That's disappointing that your installer won't help out. There is no warranty if it is damaged by hail, but insurance should cover it. Any installer should be able to help you out.

    Ted Wastie said : Guest Report 2 years ago

    I have 3 badly damaged Trina panels in a 20 panel array. Output still seems OK. Only 2 weeks old at the time. Are they working? Can I claim under warranty? What likely success. No insurance cover. My installer is Extrmely difficult to communicate wigth and apparently too busy to help much. Claim direct with Trina?

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