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Penrith Solar Centre

A word from the owner of Penrith Solar Centre

“The main reason we feel Mark Cavanagh has reached out is because our values are so well aligned – We are all about delivering cost effective, valuable products that will last 25 years plus, we don’t offer or stand behind cheap rubbish and we don’t endorse mischievous sales tactics. We have common values to Mark Cavanagh and a similar background – Jake is also driven by being so young in the solar industry. No one expected solar would be where it is today.

Penrith Solar Panel Install

Penrith Solar Centre Service Area

Penrith Solar centre services major suburbs around the Penrith area as well as places like the Blue mountains, Hawskbury, Wollondilly and Blacktown.

Office Location

Their installers load up in Cranebrook each morning in an industrial estate – 5 Johnson place, Cranebrook. Above the warehouse is the office, which is where their administration and sales staff make sure their customers have the best experience possible.

Penrith Solar Centre’s Licenses and Accreditations
  • CEC Approved Retailer
  • Master Electricians
  • 8 Electricians with CEC Accreditation
  • 1 Electrician
  • 8 Apprentice Electricians
Jake Penrith Solar Centre
A word about the Owner – Jake Warner

Jake did his apprenticeship at the age of 16 straight out of year 10 with Endeavour Energy, the network operator in West Sydney.  Solar wasn’t on his radar back then, it was more about energy coming from coal! Jake was really energised before starting his apprenticeship, he was weathered down by cranky old people.His dad once told him “this is a forever job”. After his apprentice, he knew there was something else out there so he went out on his own, by chance he learnt solar as a subbie, and he was good at it and actually enjoyed it! It was one way he could supply more homes than Endeavour could, it was a way he could one day employ more people than his old work place could. He got his CEC, studied it, practiced it. He knew that there was a way to do it correctly like Gippsland and MC Electrical. He knows the experience he delivers is what it should be – this drives him.


How long has Penrith Solar Center been in business?

Penrith Solar Centre has been in business for over 6 years. Just like MC Electrical they started as Sole Traders operating under an ABN. They Operated like this for 2 1/2 years before converting over to an ACN and operating as a company, which they have been doing for the last 3 1/2 years.

Penrith Solar Centre’s Mission Statement

At Penrith Solar Centre, we are passionate about renewable energy and that’s our greatest strength. We draw on the differences in who you are, where you are from, and how you think. To create sustainable energy that serves everyone, we believe in including everyone.

We are here to educate local lives, to deliver world class products at affordable prices, to help Aussies produce, store and consume their own energy, to provide a better future for humanity, and to improve the quality of life on Earth. We question what’s possible and strategise to not only achieve it, but exceed it.

We remain unfazed by the trials we constantly face by not conforming to the comfortable. We endorse the respective talents of our team, each contributing to the structure of our formidable assembly, trembling those who confront us.While others oversee those below them, we acknowledge them and raise them higher than anyone could perceive. We accept the responsibility and challenges encountered from being on the front line. To experience the highs we must encounter the lows. We differentiate by not recognising them as lows, but instead as opportunities. We are grateful for these opportunities because without them we will only
ever be good, never the greatest.

From our earliest days, Penrith Solar Centre has always believed that the greatest change begins with an idea, powered by passion. Education is a great equaliser, which is why we are committed to empowering people at all levels. We partner with local businesses and schools to reach even more people so that we can share our knowledge and inspire change.

MC Electrical Penrith Solar CentrePEOPLE IN THE OFFICE

Penrith Solar Centre has 2 admin staff, 6 sales staff, a sales manager, an installations manager as well as in house marketer.

MC Electrical Penrith Solar CentreBLOKES ON THE ROOF

Penrith Solar Centre has a total of 9 electricians and 8 apprentice electricians. No roofers, everyone shares the tasks, they do not treat it separately. This connects the team on a higher level.

They also don’t use contractors which means that Penrith Solar Centre like MC Electrical have their electrical contractors license.

What Penrith Solar Centre’s customers say about them

At time of writing this, Penrith Solar Centre had a ridiculously good online presence. They’ve got 136 solar quotes reviews, consisting of 90 five star reviews and 46 four star reviews.

On top of this they also have 35 Google reviews and every one of them is 5 stars.

Not only is this impressive, it also shows that they take care of their customers at every step of the process.



What products Penrith Solar Centre use

They only install Q-Cell Solar Panels and they only install Enphase & Fronius Inverters. If a customer is adamant they want battery storage, they choose Tesla for that.

Solar Power Brisbane Q.Maxx

Solar Panels Brisbane G5+

Why Jake says he chooses these products?

QCELL is quality at a very high value point. The little Q in the corner of every cell is unique . QCELL offer great support and value to Penrith Solar Centre which gives Jake the confidence to sell their products.



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