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“MC Electrical’s installers were very professional, prompt and completed the install quicker than they had advised. The quotation process was excellent, no-nonsense and had no hidden surprises or exclusions. Cannot recommend them enough.”

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You can get genuine 0% interest with no fees on your solar

with competitive electricity rates locked in for 3 or 5 years from Nectr

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Sounds too good to be true, right?

In every other situation I have seen, INTEREST-FREE means increasing the price of the upfront cost to 25 percent.

Every situation except for NECTR’s latest offering.

Certegy Interest-Free: $10,000 Solar will be quoted at $12,500 plus fortnightly and monthly fees.

Nectr Interest-Free: $10,000 Solar will cost you $10,000.

How and Why? 

Nectr wants to lock you in as an electricity customer, so they’ll lock into today’s competitive electricity rates for the next 3 or 5 years. If for any reason you want to leave Nectr’s locked in competitive prices, you just have to pay off the loan – with no exit fees or penalties.

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The interest-free scam explained

Let’s say a Solar company wants to sell you a $10,000 system “interest-free”. An interest-free loan from Certegy will cost the Solar company about 25 per cent on top of their usual price.

So instead, the solar company would be forced to charge you $12,500 and pass on a massive $2,500 of your money to Certegy. To add insult to injury, Certegy will charge you, the customer fortnightly AND monthly fees for the duration of the loan.

“Interest-free” is almost always misleading and unethical.

Nectr’s interest-free offering is the real deal.

Here’s how it works. Nectr is a relatively new Electricity retailer (like Origin or AGL). Nectr’s parent company is part of Hanwha Group, a Fortune 500 Korean company that owns Qcells solar panels. To gain market share, Hanwha Group is backing Nectr with the finance for genuine interest-free loans. A $10,000 solar system will cost you $10,000. MC Electrical receives $10,000 in full from Nectr, and you’ll pay only $ 10,000 off over 3 or 5 years.

Nectr is a multi-award-winning 100% carbon neutral retailer backed by a Fortune 500 global company, Hanwha Group who have exclusively chosen MC Electrical to share their latest energy retail product.

  • Locked-in* great electricity rates
    Nectr’s rates are one of the most competitive** in today’s market if you have high energy consumption and you don’t feed a lot of solar energy back to the grid. And despite power prices increasing, Nectr will LOCK IN* your rates for the duration of your loan!***
  • No interest, no fees … no, really!
    Sign up with Nectr’s energy plan, and you can pay your solar off over a 3-year contract period***. Add a battery to your solar and Nectr will extend the term to 5-year contract period.
  • Get paid with Nectr’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
    If you also purchase a battery, you’ll join Nectr’s upcoming VPP. More details to come in 2024. Meanwhile, Nectr will pay $10 per month VPP bill credit and when the VPP is fully operational in 2024, you may take part and earn additional revenue depending on energy dispatched.***
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*Nectr would only be able to vary your energy prices when that cost variation arises from a future or expected change in law that affects the costs incurred in selling you energy. Examples of previous change in law events include a new government levy to support ambulance services. We would provide you with advance notice of any variation in your energy prices.

**Canstar Blue’s Compare Energy Plans 16 Nov 2022 (

***If you want to leave Nectr, you will be required to pay off the reminder of loan with no exit fees.

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