Redland Bay Solar Panel System Installers

Redland Bay Solar Panel System InstallersHi, I’m Mark from MC Electrical. If you are looking for local solar panel insatllers to Redland Bay, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that as of June 2019, an impressive 49.6 perecent of homes in the Redland Bay area has solar? (The figures include the surrounding suburbs of Mount Cotton an Victoria Point). The majority of the solar panel systems is on houses, but the Redlands Bay area is also home to an impressive 200kW solar system.

Plenty of the solar installed in Redand bay over the last 11 years was installed by MC Electrical. Our job managment software show’s in the last 11 years we have installed 95 solar systems in Redlands. There is a good chance that one of your neigbours chose to go Solar with MC Electrical.

And why should you choose us too? Because for the last 11 years I haven’t been focused on those numbers. I’ve been focussed on quality. As an Electrical Contractor and accredited Solar Installer and Designer, I spend a significant part of my day researching and testing Solar Products to make sure our products and methods will last the test if time. Weather it is testing how a solar panel system responds to shade, testing solar inverters, comparing solar panels, or just changing out the type of roofing screws or cable we use, I focus on quality. All of our Solar Electricians and solar installers are long term in house employees. They understand their job is not to get in the job done as quickly as possible. Their job is to make sure every part of their workmanship will last the life of the system. If they see a method or a product they can improve on, they let us know and we improve it. After 11 years of doing this, I can confidently tell you that you won’t get a better offering of solar products, and you won’t get better solar electricians.

Redland Bay Solar Panel System Installers


Originally home to the Jagera, Turrbal, and Quandamooka people, Redland Bay became inhabited by Europeans in the late 1800s.  At one point there were plans to turn Cleveland into the main port of Brisbane but due to sandbars and shipwrecks, the plan was scrapped.

Find out why we are rated as one of the best solar companies in Redland and SE QLD.


Mark and Wendy Cavanagh

Clean energy at home has never been more affordable

Features & Benefits:

  • No deposit required
  • No real estate security required
  • You own the system whilst making fixed monthly repayments
  • Spread the investment plan



Fill out our free online quote form or give us a call and speak with a Solar Power specialist. Get a custom designed free solar quote with no-obligation or hard sell.


Our solar experts will explain all your solar power options and will customize a green energy solution that’s right for you. We don’t use sub-contractors and offer customers a 10 Year workmanship warranty!


We will design a custom solar power solution just for you! Our team will do all the paperwork for solar rebates, incentives and complete grid connection on your behalf. We are local & trusted with a reputation for quality.


Enjoy your new complete Solar Power system and start saving money on your energy bills. With MC Electrical getting solar panels couldn’t be any easier. We will be around to service any warranty issues or system upgrades!

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