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Fronius            from:

Fronius Monitoring





3.3 kW Solar

Fronius Primo 3kW Inverter
12 Canadian 275W Panels


$91 / month

5.5 kW Solar

Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter
20 Canadian 275W Panels


$115 / month

6.6 kW Solar

Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter
24 Canadian 275W Panels

$6990   $6596

$128 / month

Battery Ready

Fronius Symo Hybrid
24 Canadian 275W Panels


$162 / month

Mark's Take - Fronius

Brisbane Solar Fronius review

Fronius Inverter Review. You may notice that we have moved on from ABB inverters. ABB / Aurora was good to us for several years – but Fronius’ new Primo inverter simply beats it. It’s a big, heavy machine – built like Arnold Schwarzenegger – that’s the way they do it in Austria! Inbuilt DC isolator makes the installation neater, and arguably safer and more reliable. The inverter was designed with WiFi, where ABB has a glitchy add on.

The smart meter option allows you to really hone into your power usage patterns, and inbuilt relays can even tell your hot water system to turn on rather than send power back to the grid. It is incredibly flexible in its operational voltage, and generous in its power per tracker limitation.

This gives us a lot of scope for designing a Brisbane Solar system to suit your roofline. The Fronius 5kW international version can handle 6.66kW, which means you can get the most out of Energex’s 5kW limitation. Check out my “Fronius Inverter Review” on my blog for more information.

SolarEdge and Canadian

SolarEdge  from:

SolarEdge Monitoring


3.3 kW Solar

12 Canadian 275W Panels
12 SE Optimizers & Inverter


$110 / month

5.5 kW Solar

20 Canadian 275w Panels
20 SE Optimizers & Inverter


$131 / month

6.6 kW Solar

24 Canadian 275W Panels
24 SE Optimizers & Inverter


$153 / month

Battery Ready

24 Canadian 275W Panels
Optimizers & StorEdge inverter


$204 / month

Mark's Take - SolarEdge

Brisbane Solar SolarEdge review

Solar is growing up! Optimizers are a rapidly developing solar technology that increase the durability, reliability and performance of a solar system. Solar Edge and Enphase seem to be leading the industry, but Tigo, APS, ABB, SMA and ReneSola are all having a crack at it with varying degrees of success.

The technology, gaining traction in the Brisbane Solar market, is  collectively called Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) is taking a big share of a market that used to be dominated by the simple string inverter. While Module Level Power Electronics is a broad church, the fundamentals are the same.

In a traditional string system, the Panel DC voltage is sent from the roof to the inverter, leaving all the work to be done on the ground. MLPE, as the name suggests does some of portion of the work at the solar panel module level. The original purpose of this is to make each panel work independently, so that if one panel has an issue (soiling shading or mismatch), then the others are not affected. The obvious concept that was introduced to Christmas fairy lights has finally been taken seriously by the solar industry. The advantages of Module Level Power Electronics

1. Independent operation. As mentioned above, of one panel is soiled, shaded, or just performing worse than the others, it will not affect the output of the other panels.

2. Individual panel monitoring. If a tree grows over a panel, if the panels degrade at different rates, or if they become heavily soiled, this can be easily picked up and rectified with individual panel monitoring.

3. Safety. Live solar DC cables in buildings in the event of a fire is a serious problem for fire fighters. However, with switching electronics at the panel level, the voltage from the panels to the switchboard can be automatically turned off in the event of a fire.

4. Increased panel life. As the panels are not “daisy chained” the voltage is not combined. Each panel therefore only has 25 to 40 volts running through it. This extra low voltage will reduce the degradation rate of the panel.

5. Longer warranty. Systems such as Enphase and SolarEdge warranties range from 10 to 25 years compared to the standard 5-year String inverter warranty.

Read more of the reason why I have chosen SolarEdge over Enphase in my blogs.


SunGrow       from:

Sungrow monitoring


3.12 kW Solar

Sungrow 3KTL-S Inverter
12 Jinko 260W Panels


$79 / month

5.2 kW Solar

Sungrow 5KTL-D Inverter
20 Jinko 260W Panels


$108 / month

5.98 kW Solar

Sungrow 5KTL-D Inverter
23 Jinko 260W Panels


$125 / month

Battery Ready

Sungrow SH5K Hybrid Inverter
24 Canadian 275W Panels


$151 / month

Mark's Take - Sungrow

Brisbane Solar  Sungrow Review

Sungrow Inverter Review. MC Electrical have been the sole Sungrow inverter warranty agent in Brisbane and the South-East since 2012, we know this inverter inside out. But it was not until recently that we started installing Sungrow inverters, with good reason. Niggling issues in previous models with their monitors, MC4 connections, the Sungrow WiFi dongle, and noisy fans rocked my confidence in this otherwise well-designed Chinese inverter. Happily, the new Sungrow Crystal inverter has overcome these issues and from my perspective, Sungrow has become the leading Chinese inverter manufacturer.

Why Jinko?
As Sungrow is our entry level inverter, I’ve decided to package it here with the entry level 260W Jinko panels to keep the price point low. The Sungrow could also be packaged with Canadian 275W monocrystalline panels on request. Time to go battery storage!

Sungrow’s recent ground-breaking addition to their line-up is the Sungrow SH 5K Hybrid Inverter. The true battery ready inverter is both affordable and early to market. At this stage, it is without a serious ‘single-phase string’ comparison. Designed to work with LG Chem battery, the Sungrow Hybrid inverter is an impressive robust bit of gear. After Checking it out at all energy week in Melbourne on October 2015, MC Electrical have decided it is time to jump on board with storage. I install it in our office as an operational display in October 2015.  Since October 2015, we’ve run the LG Chem Battery through some rigorous testing, played with it for staff training, and have used it to run our night time load.

Is price point important, but you still want quality? Take it from the SE Qld Sungrow inverter warranty agent – hybrid or standard grid connect, this is the inverter for you.


Winaico Solar Panel Review

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