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Following on from our previous demonstration of the Sungrow SH5K, we’re now back to demonstrate the next model, the Sungrow SH5K+ with backup box.

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2 Comments on Sungrow SH5K+ Inverter Review

Mark C said :administrator Report 4 years ago

Hi Jan, It's a shame so many companies like that are still around! When you say "one of your systems" I think you mean a Sungrow system. I would look up Sungrow 1300 201 106 (based in Sydney) and ask them for an installer in your area that they would recommend.

    Jon Attard said :Guest Report 4 years ago

    hi had one of your systems installed all I won’t is the wireless dongle so I can hook it up to my mobile phone just would like to know how I get one the person that installed it doesn’t won’t to know me anymore thanks Jon

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